The history of Torino FC

Football Club Torino was founded on December 3, 1906 in the Voigt brewery by some Juventus dissidents seeking independence. Among the founders were Alfredo Dick (from Juventus), the Swiss businessman Hans Schoenbrod (first chairman), and Vittorio Pozzo (later manager of the national team). The new club attracted members from the city's other teams and absorbed older local clubs such as Internazionale Torino (founded in 1890) and Unione Sportiva Torinese. The first friendly match was played against Pro Vercelli on 16 December 1906 and during 1907 Torino took part in the first italian championship, playing at "Cycle Track Umberto I".

From 1912 to 1924 the team was coached from Vittorio Pozzo and in 1921 the Torino played one of the longest match: the semifinal against Legnano, this match finished 1-1 after the third extra time after three hour, the teams surrendered for the tiredness and they withdrew fram tournament.

During the following years Conte Marone of Cinzano brought in granata team the fabulous "trio" Baloncieri, Libonatti and Rossetti and their first title was revoked in 1926/27 due to an irregularity in the match against Juventus. Torino won its first Scudetto, the Italian Serie A league Championship, the following 1927/28 season.

In 1933 Adolfo Baloncieri devoted oneself at youthful sector (alias "Balon Boys") and on 11 June 1936 Toro won his first Italian Cup (Torino-Alessandria 5-1). At last in the 1939 Ferruccio Novo became President and built piece after piece the "Grande Torino": in 1940 Ossola made one's debut, in 1941 Gabetto, in 1942 Loik and Mazzola arrived from Venezia Soccer . Torino domineered the 1942-43 seasonche, won Scudetto and Italian Cup. After The Second World War some other champions arrived and the granata won the Scudetto for four consecutive times . In 1947 the Italian National Team defeated at Torino the Hungarian National Team, 3-2 and 10 Granata Players dressed the Italian Shirt!!!

But on 4 May 1949 the great tragedy happened: all but one player (who was out for an injury) of Grande Torino were killed when their plane crashed into the hills of Superga, on the outskirts of Turin. The club never recovered, and after a decade of mediocre seasons, they were relegated to Serie B in 1958/59, although they returned to Serie A the following season.

But the team coached from Senkey returned in "serie A" and the British Champions Dennis Law e Joe Baker arrived, genius and dissoluteness. In 1967 a car ran down Gigi Meroni. In 1969 Paolino Pulici made one's debut in first team. In 1973 Francesco Graziani arrived, he was destined to consist the "twin of the goal" with Pulici, the engagement of Luigi Radice leaded Torino to win on 16 May 1976 at Stadium Comunale his seventh and last Scudetto, with President Orfeo Pianelli.

L'anno successivo fu giocata l'unica Coppa dei Campioni della storia, terminata a M÷nchengladbach in 8 contro 11 e "Ciccio" Graziani in porta, mentre in campionato non bast˛ conquistare 50 punti su 60 per aver ragione della Juventus, che beff˛ i granata raggiungendo i 51 punti. Gli anni successivi furono anomini, finchÚ nel 1982 Orfeo Pianelli lasci˛ la guida della squadra a Sergio Rossi.

Since the end of the 1980s, the club went up and down between Serie A and Serie B, the top two divisions with little success, except a Coppa Italia in 1992/93 and a Mitropa Cup win in 1990/91. Among the best results ever achieved in the club's history, it reached the UEFA Cup Final in 1991/92 only to lose it in two aggregate matches to Ajax Amsterdam without being defeated..

In 2004/05, Torino finished 3rd in Serie B and, after winning the playoffs, was promoted back in Serie A. However, the FIGC, the governing body of Italian football, expelled both Torino Calcio and F.C. Messina from Serie A, due to both clubs' financial problems. However, while Messina was re-admitted by a civil court of appeal, Torino was not and it was cancelled from the Italian sport panorama.

Thanks to the 'Lodo Petrucci' (Italian law which allows a sport club that is the direct heir of a cancelled one to be re-admitted one division below the previous one), a new club was founded under the current name Torino F.C. and was admitted to play the next season, again in Serie B. Bought by entrepreneur Urbano Cairo, Torino FC ended its 2005/2006 Serie B campaign in third place, being therefore qualified for the promotion play-offs. Torino subsequently defeated Mantova in the final to earn promotion to Serie A.